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Profitable Crafts 2

Consignment Sales And Getting Your     Projects Published.

Profitable Crafts provides so much information related to maximizing your arts & crafts profits that you'll never have to worry about if your products will sell or not.

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Profitable Crafts 3

Designing your own arts and crafts projects just got easier.

If you've ever wanted to design your own projects and patterns, for publications or just to provide unique gifts for your loved ones, then this issue of Profitable Crafts will have you designing wonderful new products in no time.

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Profitable Crafts 4

Catalog Sales And Recruiting Others To Sell For You.

Just imagine the profits you will make once you have hundreds (or even thousands) of sales people across the nation sharing your catalogs and selling your products for you!

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New 2011

Membership Site Manager

"Incredible New Edition Software Lets You Run A Money-Making Membership Site, On 100% Autopilot!”

Now you can generate recurring income month after month with a membership site—without paying thousands for a management script!...
Run A Subscription Site Like The Internet Marketing Pros
• Generate Recurring Income, Month After Month
• Get Paid Without Having To Set Up A Merchant Account
• Automatically Manage All Your Subscription Accounts

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Profit Secrets Volume I:

"The Secrets To Getting Rich With Viral Marketing"

The amount of sales notifications flooding into your Inbox around the clock as other people are doing the promotional work for you!

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Autoresponder Secrets EXPOSED!™

"Unleash The Secret Tool Millionaire Marketers Use..."

Discover How You Can Turn A Trickle Of Sales Into An Onslaught Of Orders Using The Easiest, Most Effective Way To EXPLODE Your Sales!


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Home Business Newsletter Set

A complete follow up system in place within minutes that you could just set and forget for a Whole Year!
Sell Your Products Like Hot Cakes
Transform Your Leads Into Paying Customers
Build Your
Downline At Warp Speed
Rake In Mobs Of New Subscribers For Your Newsletter


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