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If you want to have us conduct your Business,
that would be possible, by subscribing to our
Business Online Services below. 

 I am sure you want to know how much we charge for this Service. Well to be honest we have been selling this for $1200.00 a year or $100.00 a month for some time now, but we are running a super special for you right now – 25% and we can promise you that it will not last very long.

As a matter of fact we will only take on ten orders at this price

so if you want that we do the work for you true our Business Online Service, now is the time to get it. Once you make the purchase we will contact you via your PayPal email address to let you know all the details and requirements you must follow to get started to work for you and with you.

Note: due to the nature of these types of orders, there are absolutely

no refunds of any kind.

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Item Name: Business Online Services

Item Number: BOS

Price: $ 20.00 weekly recurring Subsription

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